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April Purcia Dilao. 19. Studying at Bicol University. Taking up Bachelor of Arts Major in Broadcasting. Cam Whore. Blogger. SuperMan Shirt. <3
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Since it’s New Year, many think that now is the perfect time to post some thoughts that would attract the eyes of the readers to either like or comment on their dramas. Haha. Isn’t amazing that it’s already 2013 but I’m still alive in this world? That you’re alive? That we’re still alive? When I’m watching TV and kapag nakikita ko na madami na naman ang namatay, nawalan ng kapamilya because of the endless typhoons, I always told to myself that I am still lucky.  It sucks that we need a tragedy to happen to realize these things. Even for friends to get together. We make these entire opportunities pass since we think that we always have a Next Time. What if there isn’t? What if God only planned for us to enjoy the world for 18, 19 or 22 years?

A passing of someone is always a wakeup call for us to cherish the moments that God gave to us. We should be thankful every day, every hour and every minute that until now we’re still breathing and that’s a chance for us to live life to the fullest, achieve our goals in life and most importantly to fulfill God’s purpose for us here on earth.

Many happened in my life this year there were ups and downs but they were both to the extremes. I don’t want to mention it one by one because this post can’t give justice to the things that I am grateful this year. But thank God for being so good, it’s when everything seems like it’s going downhill that your day becomes one of the best so far :) My 2012 moment was surviving the 21st. Hahaha! Of course not, everyday is my moment. Before I end this post, I want to thank those people who’re always there to read my post though it’s kinda sucks! And I want to say sorry to those people that I’ve hurt and there is nothing to explain to those who criticize me like they have gone through the same ordeal. I hate myself more than they hate me. How I hated fate for not giving me the chance to know these people. :(

So what now? Merry Christmas and a Happy New year Everyone, enjoy your holidays cherish every moment because we don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. :) 

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